Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome Current and Former Noobs!

When I started this blog, I thought it would just be a place for me to record my thoughts and keep track of links and resources that I wanted to remember. But today I was thinking about how amazingly supportive and encouraging more experienced genealogists have been to be on Facebook. And I thought about all the incredible blogs that are out there by experienced, even professional, genealogists. I've found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, to the point of not being able to do ANYTHING for fear of doing something wrong.

So I thought maybe other beginners feel overwhelmed and intimidated, too. And maybe they would be encouraged by seeing my process and discoveries. And maybe we can support each other.

So if you're a Genealogy Noob, too (or can remember what it was like to be one!), please share your best tips, secrets, or resources! And let's embark on this journey together...

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