Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Ties

Some years ago, I started working on my family tree. I'm not sure why, it just seemed like something cool to do. My dad became interested, and kind of took it over. That was fine. I had started graduate school, he was retired, and had many more hours to devote, sometimes to my mom's irritation over not being able to use the computer!

He found a lot of interesting things about my ancestors, and my sister, mom, and I were able to join DAR as a result of his research. He discovered an ancestor who won a Medal of Honor during the Civil War. We bought him subscriptions to Ancestry.com for holidays and birthdays, he had his DNA analyzed, and printed books of family history for his mom and aunts.

Then March 18, 2014, Dad died.

Whether it's to feel closer to him, don't want all of his hard work to go to waste, or just that I've rediscovered an interest in exploring my family, I've picked it back up.

It's overwhelming. There are about 1500 people in the tree Dad made. Some connections documented well, others less so. How do I even start? I want to verify connections, make sure that the information meets documentation standards, do it right. But it's so intimidating! But as I was recently reminded by another genealogist on Facebook, there's no rush! I don't have to verify all the connections by next week! LOL! Just pick branch and start working!

I'll let you know how it goes...

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